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About Poh Keong Industries

Established in Johor, Malaysia, Poh Keong has reached great milestones since its inception in 1992. Today, the company is a leading wooden furniture manufacturer designing stylish furnishings to suit any business to business ventures. 

Our Vision

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To be a prominent international wooden furniture manufacturer by creating a one-of-a-kind brand that caters quality services and sustainable resources to everyone around the globe.

Our Mission

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We are here to offer B2B industries a wide range of timber furnishings of great quality and standards, modern designs with functionality, and amazing services at an affordable price.

Our Core Values


Poh Keong’s world-class automated machinery and timber selections.


In an outreach to preserve mother earth, all raw materials are sustainably sourced.


We provide outstanding OEM services for creating and designing your own furniture.


Over 200 dedicated designers and craftsmen in our furniture production line.

Going Green With Poh Keong
Timber Furnishings
A wooden furniture manufacturer, Poh Keong ensures the sustainable practice of reusing wood wastes. This means that wood shavings, wood dusts, and wood pulp are collected at the end of production with the intent to be reused. In fact, all Poh Keong MDF and Particle boards are made by processing wood scraps from our production facilities.
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Our Driven Management Team

As a leading wooden furniture manufacturer, our management team aspires to build ongoing relationships with our clients and customers. As such, our team of dedicated employees offer support and assistance throughout the ordering process. 

Our State-of-the-art Machinery

With years of experience as a top wooden furniture manufacturer, our latest technological machinery ensures the process of cutting, sanding, drilling, and spraying of wood materials are conducted consistency. 

Our Extensive Facilities and Warehouse

Poh Keong’s 498,000 square feet manufacturing facilities and warehouse are located in the furniture haven of Johor, Malaysia. With the expertise of our committed team and innovative facilities, Poh Keong kicks out over 100,000 sets of ready to assemble wooden furniture per year.  

Our Dedicated Designers and Craftsmen

In embracing the melting pot Malaysia is known for, our production team consists of members from different ethnicities and backgrounds. A wooden furniture manufacturer, Poh Keong takes great pride in providing jobs to over 200 designers and craftsmen. 


Malaysian International Furniture Fair

Since Poh Keong’s birth 20 years ago, the wooden furniture manufacturer has been showcased at Malaysia's International Furniture Fair for over 10 years now. 

FMA Golden Globe Enterprise

In 2017, Poh Keong was awarded the FMA Golden Globe Enterprise Award for their impeccable standards as a top wooden furniture manufacturer. 

KWYP Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Enterprise Award

The KWYP Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Enterprise Award was granted to Poh Keong Industries Sdn. Bhd. for their efforts as a dominant wooden furniture manufacturer. 

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