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Wooden Dining Furniture U.S.

Wooden Dining Furniture Overview

The background of dining rooms dates to a time when only Greek men used to gather on wood sofas to eat chestnuts and honey cake away from prying eyes. These days, wooden dining furniture has taken an ultra-modern twist, and women are allowed to dine with men too. Regardless of how the dining room came to be, the tradition lives on, in America or around the world, as a time to gather with friends and family. A place where breakfast, lunch, dinner, supper, and sometimes tea are served, the dining table can play an important focal point in every dining hall. 

As such, certain care is taken to decide on what type of dining furniture would best suit that space. The beauty of using wooden furniture in the dining room is that it can be upcycled in several ways that will never go out of style. In fact, wooden dining furniture can be painted, reshaped, and polished to suit any dining room decor.

3 Types of Wood with Poh Keong Industries Sdn. Bhd.

All wooden furniture manufactured at Poh Keong Industries is created with 3 varieties of wood materials. From the list, MDF and Particle board are used to attach the joints of the wood furniture. Due to its durability rubber wood has been cut to create the legs and arms of our timber furnishings. Furthermore, Poh Keong uses veneer from oak wood, walnut wood, beech wood, and sustainable wood to create different types of lumber dining tables and chairs. 

Wooden Dining Table Designs

The most important piece of furniture in the dining room, the dining table can come in a plethora of designs that may be too much for many. Whether round, square, or rectangle, it’s good to consider the space you must work with. Wide interior spaces can accommodate rectangle dining tables and benches too. In fact, the design style should be measured based on the ambiance you want for your restaurant or cafe. Overall, unique woodwork will add a touch of luxury and elegance to any space.

Wooden Dining Furniture Sustainable Practices

For more than a decade, Poh Keong has strived to be an eco-friendly furniture brand that advocates environmental sustainability in the manufacturing of wooden furniture for export to the United States. We believe our concept of reutilizing wood scraps (sawdust and wood shavings) to create MDF and Particle boards is an integral part of our sustainable design at Poh Keong Industries. 

In fact, as a wooden furniture manufacturer, Poh Keong ensures that all wooden dining room chairs and tables are free of harmful chemicals such as VOC (volatile organic compounds) and formaldehyde. 

OEM Wooden Dining Table

Creating the perfect modern dining room doesn’t necessarily mean having the latest designs and styles. On the contrary, modern dining furniture paired with antique fixtures can transform any simple space. Whether a round table suits you better for restaurant dining or a rectangle table for more seater dining, the choice doesn’t matter. 

Poh Keong Industries provides business-to-business OEM services for the manufacturing of a wide range of furniture ideas. The list varies in wood type, size, or design, and each can be customized to fit your wants. With our OEM services, bulk orders of dining chairs and tables can be customized to a tee. So, go ahead and purchase your OEM wooden dining table with a set of chairs to accompany it.

MOQ of Wooden Dining Furniture

A leading entity in the manufacturing of wooden furniture, Poh Keong Industries’ furniture has a minimum quantity order of 50 pieces of dining tables and 300 pieces of dining chairs. We ensure the safe delivery of all Poh Keong timber furnishings to your front step.

Alternative Places for Dining Room Furniture

The mid-century modern design of Poh Keong timber furniture adds a creative culture that is present in American wooden cafes. As such, our wooden dining room furniture is curated to have alternative uses in hotels, offices, or schools around North America. 

We all know that a traditional dining room is not the only option to place dining room furniture. In fact, there are many cafes and restaurants that use living room furnishings to create a more homely business layout. Our upholstered dining chairs can be placed in the office lounge or reception hall for comfortable seating. Also, check out our oak wood extendable dining set, it is a piece of space-saving furniture that can be used in small apartments that don’t have much room to spare. 

Office Space & Restaurant Dining

Tight cubicle space got you stumped on how to design your office space. Well, have no fear with our dining room set that doubles up as an office desk or restaurant dining. In fact, tables and chairs from Poh Keong Industries’ dining set series can be placed outside the layout of your interior design. Whether under a pergola for family picnics or on the garden terrace amongst good food and great music. Now, doesn’t that just make you want to shop for wooden furniture right now?

Dining Hall for Schools, Hotel Use or Palaces

With most of Poh Keong’s carpentry, versatility is what we strive for when manufacturing wooden furniture. Keeping this in mind, all our dining room furniture can be utilized in school canteens, cafes, or cafeterias. In fact, woodwork architecture is carefully curated to be easily cleaned or maintained. Certainly, this added benefit for restaurant or food court businesses provides the most hygienic environment possible for schools, hotels, or palaces.

Dining Room Furniture for Homes

There’s a saying that the dining room is the heart of an American home. In fact, most of us take more time to design our dining area than any other room in the house. It’s a place to eat. But above all, the dining room is a place where we share good times with friends and family. When decorating this room, it is important to design an interior space that will emanate warmth and comfort. Wood furniture is often the go-to choice in this case and we can see why with Poh Keong’s minimalistic designs. 

Overall, our selection of dining tables and chairs can cater to small dining spaces or extravagant communal seater dining, depending on your preference. Our Windsor white dining table and chairs set are extremely versatile and can be placed in the kitchen or on the patio. Elegant wood dining chairs can be decorated to suit a garden-themed reception space or simply used in a restaurant for buffet dining. 

Wooden Dining Set Furniture for the United States

One of the many advantages of choosing an oak veneer dining set is that the simple patterns on the furniture allow it to be paired with any design fixture or display style. In fact, accompanied by cream-painted walls and vintage fixtures, the modern dining space can be transformed into a cozy cafeteria space. Today, communal eating has taken a front-row seat in family gatherings. If that is the rustic design, you are looking for then our 6-seater dining tables and timber benches can make your dream come true!

When choosing wooden dining set furniture, the choices might be mind-boggling to those of us who don’t have much design sense. For instance, round wooden dining sets may be a better option than rectangular dining furniture when space is scarce, or you could always use Poh Keong’s services to customize furniture for your dining room!

Oak Veneer Dining Set - Popularly used in the United States for cabinetry and flooring, oak wood is also utilized to create Poh Keong Industries' mid-century modern furnishings. One of the more traditional woods used in furniture making, oak wood is a beautiful natural wood that comes in a variety of different hues. Generally, oak wood has straight grains and a rough texture. It’s easy to work with and looks great stained or unfinished.

If you’re hoping to feed large crowds, then you may want to consider our extendable oak veneer dining set. Easily expandable, you’ll never have to worry about seating large crowds again! You can also choose from our choice of round and square dining table sets if you’re looking for something that saves space.

Walnut Dining Set for 4 - It’s been said time and time again that walnut wood is the most elegant piece of timber used in woodworking. The walnut dining set for 4 is one of those many kinds of wood furniture that will add a grand look to any space. This four-seater dining room table and chairs can also be customized into a 6 seater dining set depending on how large a crowd you are expecting. If you want your dining furniture to stand out, then go ahead and opt for this dark-finished walnut dining set for 4. 

Round Wooden Small Dining Table With 4 Upholstered Chairs Set - Nordic simplicity at its finest, the round wooden dining table with 4 upholstered chairs is designed to fit small spaces. Whether used in the dining room, this small dining table and chairs can double up as a breakfast nook in the kitchen area too. In fact, upholstered chairs can be placed on the balcony, although do remember to keep your wooden furniture away from direct sunlight to avoid damage.

OEM Wooden Dining Chair - Wooden dining chairs can come in an array of choices such as benches or bar chairs. So, sometimes it can be confusing to decide which chair would best suit your dining or restaurant space. Consider the kind of environment you’re trying to create for your business. For a cozier touch, adding sofa chairs will be a better choice. Choose from a wishbone chair or an armchair sofa, both will make a comfortable ambiance for your space. In fact, armchair sofas create a casual dining experience ideal for bistros and cafes. With Poh Keong Industries' extensive OEM services, you can design your wooden dining chairs to suit the dining table designs you have in mind. 

Upholstered Wooden Dining Chairs - An elegant, upholstered dining chair makes a great choice for a unique dining set. A versatile piece, the upholstered wooden dining chair can also be used as a kitchen or office chair. So, while shopping for dining room furniture, consider how often the chair will be used. This will determine how comfortable the dining chair should be. Next, check out the chair fabric to decide on one that will give you the right combination of style and comfort you’re looking to have. Overall, our upholstered wooden dining chairs are so comfortable you’ll simply want to curl up with a good book once you’ve sat on them.

Oak Wood Dining Chairs - In the past, the Japanese were revered for their woodworking skills using natural wood. Today, the Scandinavians have made a name for themselves with their mid-century joinery designs. In blending traditional and modern designs, our company has manufactured a wide variety of carpentry using oak wood for the US market. Made with unique styles, our white oak wood dining chairs and tables are great used as restaurant or kitchen furniture. Poh Keong’s OEM services allow B2B ventures in America to create a minimalist design with Scandinavian-style wooden furniture. In fact, stools and dining tables can be customized to suit your overall design idea. 

Modern Wooden Dining Chair - Modern wooden dining furniture has gained popularity due to its functionality and versatile aspects. For example, modern dining chairs can be used as office chairs or in the kitchen area depending on your needs. Wooden dining chairs can be built with several different types of wood. Whether walnut or oak wood, when choosing the right dining table also consider the color theme. 

Use light colors such as white or cream if the room is too small. This will make a small space appear a lot larger than it is. Next, decide if the dining chair should have a cushion. The benefit of a cushioned chair is the fact that it will provide comfort to your lower back. So, whether you are living in a modern home with little space to spare, the dining room space can be transformed into an exclusive dining experience with Poh Keong Industries.

Wooden White Dining Chair - The choice of dining chairs can be a tough one for most of us. Choosing between a wishbone chair or a wooden stool for dining room space can be a rather daunting task. If it’s the comfort, you’re looking for then go ahead and purchase our fabric chairs. If an upholstered dining chair is not your cup of tea, you can always opt for something more stylish from our wooden dining furniture collection. There’s a wide selection of white wooden dining chairs and tables that will easily brighten up any modern space. In fact, our Windsor chairs are so versatile they can be placed in the office space, hotel, or dining hall. 

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