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Wooden Living Room Furniture U.S.

Wooden Living Room Furniture Overview

Many years ago, the Japanese were recognized for their appreciation of wooden architecture in their “washitsu” residential houses. These days,  especially in countries like the US, the art of carpentry has surpassed the traditional woodworking styles and paved a new path to producing wooden living room furniture. Timeless, wood furniture can add rich character to any living room, dining room, bedroom, and kitchen space. In a sense, the front room is where most of us entertain guests or spend the most amount of time with family. Thus, making this space beautiful and cozy with modern living room furniture can only be the best decision you ever made!

Overall, it’s about achieving a balance while pairing wooden living room furniture with other décor accessories around the apartment or office.

3 Types of Wood to Create Living Room Furniture

Wooden furniture provides a contemporary look that never goes out of style. Understanding this, Poh Keong’s wooden living room furniture is made with a range of 3 kinds of timber. Although all wood is brown, there are different shades of timber that can be used to complement the interior of your house. 

From the list, oak wood, rubber wood, and beech wood furniture have a light brown shade that is ideal for any style, design, or theme. Meanwhile, walnut wood is a dark wood that will add a look of luxury to any simple room. Other types of wood include MDF, particle boards, and sustainably sourced timber. These are ideally used to build the joinery parts of sustainable wooden furniture.

Reception Room Furniture Design Ideas

While checking out sitting room furniture ideas, one should always consider the type of wood sourced, whether the manufacturer uses sustainable practices, and if they include OEM services in their repertoire just maybe something you might want to look into before making your purchase.

The versatility of the furniture may be something to look into as well, to determine whether a piece of wooden furniture meets the needs of your minimalist design. You may want to choose wooden furniture that is a breeze to clean and won’t stain easily.

Wooden Furniture Sustainable Practices

For a wooden furniture manufacturer to be considered a sustainable industry, there are certain standards that should be followed. Poh Keong does this rather seamlessly having embraced the push towards sustainability, all materials used in creating wooden living room furniture are formaldehyde-free and don’t emit VOC (volatile organic compounds) that can be harmful to the public. 

In fact, all wooden furniture manufactured by Poh Keong is recyclable and biodegradable at the end of its life. Furthermore, our environmental initiatives include reusing lumber scraps (wood shavings and wood dust) to make MDF and particle boards. 

Timber Furnishing Replacement Parts

Instead of discarding furniture just because of a broken leg, lengthen the lifespan of your wooden living room furniture with replacement parts. A full-service wooden furniture manufacturer, Poh Keong Industries provides replacement parts for a wide range of our wooden furniture such as stools, tables, benches, and chairs.

MOQ For All Wooden Living Room Furniture Orders

The minimum order quantity for wooden living room furniture is separated into two categories. Tables and chairs, and the MOQ is capped at 50 pieces for orders of tables and a minimum order of 300 pieces for chairs. 

Coffee Table Wood Types for the American Market

The coffee table is probably what comes to mind when you think of wooden living room furniture. It’s a convenient spot for books, a cup of coffee or just somewhere you can relax while working. Whatever the reason, the coffee table is a focal point of any room space. As such, when deciding on coffee table wood types you want to choose a wood that will complement your design style. 

Choose a dark wood like walnut wood, or something a little more classic like oak wood. Whichever coffee table wood types you choose, remember to never clutter the reception room with too much furniture. This will only lead to confusion. Instead, consider the shape of the coffee table whether round or rectangle, or whether it goes along well with the surrounding occasional furniture.

Walnut Wood Coffee Table - One of the most beautiful woods to exist, walnut wood has been the choice of timber aficionados for many centuries. Due to its dark and deep tones, walnut wood has gained a reputation for bringing a sense of exclusivity to all American homes. While selecting wooden living room furniture, consider the materials used to create the furniture.

Whether made from oak wood or walnut timber makes a tremendous difference to how a space is designed. In fact, ideal for reception rooms or hotel lobbies, the elegance of the walnut wood coffee table will complement well with metal or marble. 

Oak Wood Coffee Table - Commonly used in North America to create wooden furniture, oak wood is famous for its seamless texture and elegant patterns in both the flooring and carpentry world. Poh Keong designers and craftsmen have focused on preserving its natural features with the oak wood coffee table.

When choosing the right oak wood coffee table for your space, consider whether the wooden furniture is going to be placed on a rug or carpet. And, since the light brown shade of the oak timber suits well with any color scheme, you won’t have to worry about complementing the sofa.

Wooden TV Cabinet - You just may be spoilt for choices with Poh Keong’s collection of wooden TV cabinets. From country farmhouse white tv cabinets to OEM tv racks, our wide range of wooden tv cabinets is perfect for hotel rooms or entertainment areas. 

When selecting the right wooden tv cabinet, consider the size of the room and the placement of other occasional wooden furniture. Measure the wall to make sure it fits the given space and if there is a fireplace, make sure to place the wooden furniture away from the heat. Overall, our collection of contemporary to modern designs can be curated to suit any room theme. 

OEM Living Room TV Cabinet - TV cabinets can be versatile furniture in many industries in the US depending on how it is designed. In fact, with Poh Keong’s original equipment manufacturing services, OEM living room tv cabinets can be customized to fit any tv unit. This way you can also choose the materials you would rather use to create your OEM living room tv cabinet. 

In addition, dimensions can be designed to meet your requirements making it a lot easier to bulk order OEM tv cabinets. With a variety of entertainment cabinets customized to suit any living room or bedroom space, Poh Keong is sure to be your go-to wooden furniture manufacturer.

White Entertainment Cabinet - There are plenty of options to match décor theme ideas with a white entertainment cabinet. In fact, a white entertainment cabinet goes well against a gray wall. Did you know? White furniture looks great against an accent wall that has a shade of blue or yellow. 

If placing the entertainment cabinet in the bedroom, you’ll first have to consider the style of the dressing table and wardrobe you have, and whether storage is needed. Lastly, ensure that the entertainment cabinet is not mismatched in colors or wood types of other wooden furniture.

Christmas Decor Console Table Ideas - With Christmas around the corner, it’s only right to share with everyone our console table Christmas décor ideas. It’s sure to get you in a jolly good mood. Decorating tables with foliage has been a tradition carried out for centuries. In fact, pine, ivy, and holly are great choices for a Christmas-themed console table décor. 

Placed in the hallway, the console table can be used to display artwork or decoration accessories. Taller than an end table and narrower than a dining table the console table can be used to hold a table lamp or pottery depending on the interior design. The versatility of the console table knows no bounds, it can be used in the office or in the reception room depending on your preference. 

Narrow Dark Wood Console Table - You can always opt for a narrow dark wood console table to decorate your entryway. Walnut wood falls under the classification of dark wood but at Poh Keong you will also find an array of painted wooden furnishings with dark tones too. Narrow console tables work wonders in tight spaces that require a focal point. 

In fact, depending on decoration ideas in the land of the free, the narrow dark wood console table will make an ideal centerpiece in hotel lobbies, reception rooms, or any little corner that needs some pizzazz. In addition, the richness of the dark brown color complements well with simple colored walls such as white, beige, or gray. Overall, the dark contrast on narrow console tables is just grand against metal or marble.

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