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Alma Wooden Coffee Table - Natural Color

  • Table Color: Natural 10% 
  • Loadability: 1 piece / carton
  • M3: 0.1022 / table

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    Specification Of Alma Wooden Coffee Table - Natural Color

    Size (inches): 47.24″ length x 23.62″ width x 17.72″ height
    Size (mm): 1200mm length x 600mm width x 450mm height
    Top (inches): 0.71″ MDF with Oak Veneer
    Top (mm): 18mm MDF with Oak Veneer
    Apron (inches): 2.56″
    Apron (mm): 65mm
    Leg (inches): 1.57″ x 2.68″
    Leg (mm): 40mm x 68mm
    M3: 0.1022
    Packing: 1 PC / CTN
    ED (inches): 49.76″ length x 25.67″ width x 4.88″ height
    ED (mm): 1264mm length x 652mm width x 124mm height
    Material: MDF + Rubberwood

    Alma Living Room Wooden Coffee Table - Natural Color

    It is well known that the family room is the heart of every American home, and the coffee table is the focal point for most living room spaces. Whether round, oval, rectangle or square, a wooden coffee table can either make or break a room design. As such, it is no surprise that choosing the right coffee table for the reception room can be an important part of interior design. In fact, part of the Alma series, the modern living room wooden coffee table is the perfect natural wood furnishing you need to make a home complete. 

    Understanding how the coffee table is going to fit in your space, this wooden coffee table design can be customized to fit a Scandinavian design style or a contemporary boho look. Made from MDF and rubber wood, this modern coffee table can be built with beech wood or oak wood too. Although most coffee tables come in a variety of materials such as metal or plastic, considering a wood coffee table will surely add a more elegant feel to your space. 

    Living Room Wooden Coffee Table as an Indoor Furniture

    Poh Keong provides indoor furniture for restaurants and hotels around the United States. In fact, we take great honor in creating furniture that is multifunctional. If you have a living room coffee table and don’t know where to place it, outdoors may just be a good bet.  Of course, with any wooden furniture, ensure that it isn’t exposed to direct sunlight or rain. This can impact the durability of the wood causing splits and unwanted erosion. 

    Living Room Wooden Coffee Table Dimensions

    When designing the living room coffee table, most of us often overlook the dimensions of our furniture. However, with Poh Keong’s OEM and ODM services, a desk or a coffee table can be designed to fit any living space. In fact, the dimensions of the Alma Modern Living Room Wooden Coffee Tables come with a length of 47.24 inches, a width of 23.62 inches, and a height of 17.72 inches. However, you are welcome to design your coffee table to whatever dimensions best suit your living space.

    Personalized Customization of Living Room Wooden Coffee Table

    Over a decade of woodworking experience, Poh Keong offers a wide range of products with extensive customization options for the US market. Why not create a Victorian-inspired rustic coffee table or a Nordic-themed Scandinavian oak wood coffee table may just get your design juices flowing. Whether it’s a mid-century modern design or a contemporary look you’re looking to create in the living room, our Modern Living Room Wooden Coffee Table is sure to impress! Whichever designs you have in mind, Poh Keong’s dedicated team of carpenters can make your design dreams come true. With our OEM and ODM services allowing for design customization, the options are endless!

    Living Room Wooden Coffee Table Manufacturing Processes

    Design, dimensions, and functionality are common aspects in furniture manufacturing as products must conform to the needs of the user. At Poh Keong we take great pride in ensuring a steady flow in our production line. Whether it’s cutting the logs, sanding down lumber, drilling, or spraying timber furniture, our woodworking machinery ensures that the process is accomplished with the least number of imperfections or defects. 

    Pair Living Room Wooden Coffee Tables with Upholstery

    Regardless of whether it’s coffee tables or dining chairs that you’re designing, the aesthetics of your living room can be transformed with color. And what better way to add elegance with different types of fabric? In fact, when designing your living room timber coffee table be sure to pair it with upholstered chairs, this will add a hint of grandeur to your home space. Whichever it is, lounge chairs and bedroom accent chairs can be fitted with a wide variety of fabrics ranging from leather to polyester. Overall, the skies are the limit with Poh Keong Industries OEM services!

    Living Room Coffee Table With 3 Wood Types

    Currently, we offer 3 different types of wood to construct your wooden furniture. Our selection of beechwood, oak wood, and rubber wood is sourced solely for its unique shades and texture. As we believe that unfinished wooden coffee tables can transform a living room, we do recommend keeping the natural textures and patterns of your wood choice. However, design specs can be altered if you require the coffee table to be painted. 

    Quotation of Living Room Wooden Coffee Table

    Wanting to provide B2B ventures with the best quality product, a price quotation is given based on your design requirements. Once this step has been finalized, our team will begin customization of your living room coffee table. 

    Material Collection for Living Room Wooden Coffee Table

    Upon receiving raw materials in the factory, lumber is sorted into machines based on thickness, color, and grade. A requirement per furniture-making specifications, they are then dried out to remove moisture to prevent mold growth. 

    Cutting Of Wood to Appropriate Size

    In this process, our factory identifies lumber that is suitable for the appropriate dimensions. Whether rectangle or round, our CNC machines can create any shape or size of furniture to fit your customization and designs. Faster than an ordinary table saw or circular saw, the CNC machine uses a laser to cut through wood. 

    Sanding Down Wood Before Production

    The sanding of the living room coffee table is conducted before the drilling and spraying process. This is where imperfections and defects are sanded down to ensure no complications will arise in the staining or painting procedures. 

    Drilling of Wood Panels for Furniture

    Once all bare wood has been sanded down with an orbital sander, wood panels are cut using a CNC machine. Next, comes the process of using an electric drill to assemble the joinery woodworking in the workshop. A labor of love, our carpenters ensure that every piece of wooden furniture is fitted accurately.

    Spraying of Wooden Living Room Furniture

    Painting wooden furniture may not be your cup of tea but sometimes a white painted living room coffee table can create a space that is simple and minimalistic. At this juncture of the manufacturing process, a spray gun is used to paint colors on the wood. However, this depends on your design requirements. For example, the alma modern living room wooden coffee table comes in its natural form but can be customized to be painted or polished according to your interior design. 

    Coating of Wooden Living Room Furniture

    The final stage of the manufacturing process consists of coating the wooden furniture. In this case, the Alma Modern Living Room Coffee Table is painted with a clear varnish to preserve the natural elegance of the wood. At Poh Keong, most of our wood furnishings are coated with acid-cured lacquer, nitrocellulose, or a polyurethane coating. However, OEM furniture can be painted or stained according to your design specifications.

    Replacement Parts for Wooden Living Room Coffee Tables

    Broken furniture and missing coffee table legs can be bothersome. Overall, the lifespan of any furniture can be lengthened with the availability of replacement parts. Keeping this in mind, Poh Keong Industries provides spare parts for leg furniture ranging from office chairs to sideboards. In fact, with just a change of cabinet hinges and furniture nuts, modern furnishings can be upcycled to create brand-new looks in your home space.

    Sustainable Practices of Wooden Living Room Furniture

    At Poh Keong, we believe that the furniture industry should be a leading force in the preservation of our environment. Thus, as a leading wooden furniture manufacturer, we strive to create environmentally friendly furniture. Most of our furniture brands are created with sustainable raw materials. We also use engineered wood from the wood dust and shavings to create MDF and Particle Board. 

    In fact, all furniture designs at Poh Keong do not contain VOC (volatile organic compounds) that can be detrimental to humans. With such care taken to create a piece of wooden furniture that is healthy for your family, it is no wonder that the Alma Modern Living Room Wooden Coffee Table is the right choice for you. 


    Quality Assurance of Our Living Room Wooden Coffee Table

    To provide business-to-business ventures in the United States with the highest quality of wooden furniture, Poh Keong has implemented several furniture inspections. Whether a living room coffee table or a dining table, all our furniture products succumbed to a During Production Inspection, a drop test as well as a Pre-shipment Inspections before being shipped to the United States.

    Drop Test for Living Room Wooden Coffee Tables
    As part of our inspection checklist, Poh Keong Industries conducts a drop test before packaging of all wooden furniture.  The carton drop test is a key element in packaging inspection and determines that all packages maintain the topmost quality before shipment.  As a furniture manufacturing company that specializes in creating wooden joineries, the drop test is a method by which we ensure top quality.
    During Production Inspection of Wooden Living Room Furniture
    An integral component in our quality control checklist, the During Production Inspection is carried out before Pre-Shipment Inspection for the U.S. market to ensure a smooth transition of quality assurance. In fact, the Alma Living Room Wooden Coffee Table is subjected to a check by quality assurance officers, whereupon defects are fixed before succumbing to other inspections.
    Pre-Shipment Inspection of Living Room Wooden Coffee Table
    Before shipping to any part of North America, the living room wooden coffee table undergoes another inspection. Conducted by our quality assurance inspectors, this process is an integral point in our inspection service to ensure that no defects were overlooked before shipment. 
    Shipment Of All Living Room Furniture to the United States
    Flat-packed and bubble wrapped in boxes, all shipments of Poh Keong’s living room coffee tables are shipped from the local Malaysian port. In fact, as a manufacturer of wood furnishings, most of our products are shipped overseas for the North American furniture market.
    Packaging of Living Room Furniture in Boxes
    Here at Poh Keong, we have implemented the best packaging design for shipping our RTA wood furniture to the United States of America. In fact, all furnishings including the living room wooden coffee table are packed in a flat corrugated box lined with bubble wrap and secure padding. So, you can rest assured that the Alma Modern Living Room Wooden Coffee Table will arrive at your doorstep in top-notch condition.
    Container Types for Shipping Living Room Furniture
    All our wooden RTA living room furniture is packaged in flat pack boxes to save space in shipping containers. In fact, all Poh Keong Industries wooden furnishings are exported to the United States in 20 feet or 40 feet cargo containers depending on the bulk order requests. 


    How to care for a wooden coffee table?
    There are few steps to keep in mind when caring for you're wooden coffee table. First, you want to dust the coffee table using a dust cloth or a feather duster. Next, wipe the table down with a clean cloth to remove possible residues that may not have been removed while dusting. Finally, consider investing in a wood polish that can maintain the natural gleam of your wooden coffee table.
    How to clean a wooden coffee table?
    There is no need for expensive or complicated cleaning solutions to clean the wooden coffee table. Simply add a few drops of detergent soap in a bowl with warm water and wipe down the coffee table with a clean cloth. And that's all it takes to keep you living room wooden coffee table spick and span!
    How to fix wooden shelf coffee table leg?
    Fixing a wooden shelf or a coffee table leg may seem like a daunting task. However, with Poh Keong Industries availability of replacement parts there's not much you need to worry about. Simply make a request with our dedicated sales team and for a small fee the spare parts will be shipped to you. Or, you could always consider DIY projects that can assist you in the fixing of your wooden coffee table.

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