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Alissa Wooden Coffee Table – Walnut Color

  • Top-color: Walnut 11116  
  • Base-color: Walnut 11065
  • Loadability: 1 piece / carton
  • M3: 0.0857 / table 

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    Specification Of Alissa Wooden Coffee Table – Walnut Color

    Size (inches): 47.24″ length x 23.62″ width x 17.72″ height
    Size (mm): 1200mm length x 600mm width x 450mm height
    Top (inches): 0.71″ MDF with Walnut Veneer
    Top (mm): 18mm MDF with Walnut Veneer
    Apron (inches): 2.56″ 
    Apron (mm): 65mm
    Leg (inches): 1.57″ x 2.68″ 
    Leg (mm): 40mm x 68mm
    M3: 0.1022
    Packing: 1PC / CTN
    ED (inches): 49.76″ length x 25.67″ width x 4.88″ height
    ED (mm): 1264mm length x 652mm width x 124mm height
    Material: MDF + Rubberwood

    Alissa Living Room Wooden Coffee Table - Walnut Color

    Previously known as a tea table, the wooden living room coffee table was first used in coffeehouses as a place to set down hot coffee. In fact, it wasn’t until the 1930s that the humble coffee table became a part of the American living room. Today, the living room coffee table is still an integral component in homes across the United States and can be found in a variety of woods, shapes, sizes, and colors. 

    Part of the Alissa series, our Living Room Wooden Coffee Table – Walnut Color is a dark finished centerpiece ideal for cozy gatherings in the family room. Made from medium-density fiberboard and environmentally sourced rubber wood, the living room wooden coffee table is the perfect piece of furniture to convey a sense of comfort and warmth in any home space. 

    Living Room Wooden Coffee Table as an Indoor Furniture

    We offer great sets of indoor furniture, and the Alissa Wooden Coffee Table is just a selection of many living room collections exported to the United States. The Alissa Living Room Wooden Coffee Table is a low table with a natural walnut color designed to be placed in a sitting area. Whether for convenient support of beverages, remote controls, magazines, books, or decorative objects, this living room coffee table is an exquisite addition to a contemporary living room.

    In fact, the living room timber coffee table is an original design that adds posh appeal while supporting the tabletop and belongings on it with ease. Reminiscent of a wave, the Alissa wooden coffee table stands out in style and makes an excellent conversation piece. Purchasing this Alissa living room wooden coffee table will deliver value and trust to your buyers.

    Dimensions of the Living Room Wooden Coffee Table 

    Since the layout of a room can determine the size of your coffee table, it is important to consider the dimensions of your home furniture before making a purchase. In fact, part of our in-house collection, the Alissa Living Room Wooden Coffee Table comes with a length of 47.24 inches, a  width of 23.62 inches, and a height of 17.72 inches. However, with Poh Keong Industries’ incredible made-to-order services, all living room wooden coffee tables can be customized in any choice of color, shape, or size to fit your requirements. In fact, with our extensive OEM & ODM services, the Alissa Living Room Wooden Coffee Table can be curated to suit any room space.

    Living Room Wooden Coffee Table OEM/ODM Customization

    As a wooden furniture manufacturer exporting to the United States of America, Poh Keong Industries can help you create a living room coffee table that is minimalistic or grand with ornate designs. In fact, with our OEM and ODM services, you can either purchase our in-house furniture products created by our dedicated craftsmen or you can always opt to implement your own design ideas to create the perfect living room coffee table. 

    Manufacturing Processes of Living Room Coffee Tables

    The manufacturing of living room coffee tables includes a series of steps that are implemented in creating the Alissa wooden coffee table. Processes such as the cutting, sanding, drilling, and spraying of the seating room furniture are conducted in our 428, 000 square feet factory and warehouse.

    Wooden Coffee Table with Living Room Upholstered Chairs

    Pairing your wooden coffee table with upholstery chairs is a wonderful way to add texture to your dining area. In fact, with our extensive OEM and ODM services, coffee tables can be manufactured to suit a wide variety of fabrics. In fact, all materials used in our upholstered dining chairs are hypoallergenic.

    Living Room Coffee Table Sourced With 3 Wood Types

    The living room coffee table can be made with three available wood types, such as oak wood, beech wood, or rubber wood. For decades, all 3 varieties of wood have been greatly used in the furniture industry. In fact, rubber wood and beech wood are perfect for creating timber furnishings because of their durability, and oak wood is often used for its elegant textures and patterns. So whichever wood you choose, Poh Keong’s craftsmen can make your design dreams come true.

    Price Quote for Living Room Wooden Coffee Table

    Costs for wooden coffee tables can come in a wide range of prices depending on the intricacies of the design. Although design changes can be made based on your requirements. Production of your woodwork will only be executed upon confirmation. As soon as this is settled, an electronic invoice will be generated and sent to you via email. So go ahead and contact us with what you’re looking for in a living room wooden coffee table and we’ll get back to you with a reasonable quote.

    Material Collection for Living Room Coffee Table

    Whether for dining sets or coffee tables, the types of wood used can make such a difference in a home space. In fact, wood is a material that has been used for generations to create furniture in many American homes. As such, during the collection of wood to create the living room coffee table all materials are sorted based on the type and color of the wood before running through our cutting machines.

    Cutting Wood to Appropriate Sizing of Coffee Tables

    Cutting is the first step of the manufacturing process of living room wooden coffee tables. It involves trimming down fringes and standout wood pieces into appropriate sizes to produce different parts of a finished piece of furniture. To achieve a fine end-product, the Alissa living room wooden coffee tables are cut and finished by automated CNC machines. We create entirely computerized designs that would be nearly impossible to create manually. This uniqueness makes our woodworking to a whole new level while providing you the quality you deserve. 

    Sanding Wood for Living Room Coffee Tables

    Oftentimes wood pieces used in manufacturing a living room wooden coffee table contain defects and dents. As such the process of sanding down is an integral element in removing such imperfections. Sanding a living room wooden coffee table makes its appearance become something presentable for the public. This process is automated for bulk production consistency leaving it smooth and ready for finishing touches. Overall, this process helps the surface be more receptive when you apply stain or paint on it later on.

    Machinery Drilling for Living Room Coffee Tables

    Drilling a living room wooden coffee table can be quite challenging for woodworkers, automated drilling ensures seamless manufacturing of furniture and increases consistency, which enhances the quality of the wooden coffee table. Drilling of furniture ensures complex woodworking can be achieved just as parts can be added/removed to keep pace with changing market trends and customer demand while continuing to streamline production processes to provide products that have value beyond just their cost.

    Painting of Living Room Wooden Coffee Table

    Homeowners who have a living room wooden coffee table may consider changing its color. Customizing the color of a living room coffee table is an excellent way to add your personal touch and make the room more fitting to your taste. You can give your wooden coffee table a new look with spray paint, either as a whole piece or as custom-designed individual shelves. The trickier part is deciding on the perfect shade that best suits your home’s style and overall décor. 

    Coating of Wooden Living Room Coffee Table

    Properly coating the living room coffee table can work wonders. No matter how old the furniture is, it will always seem to be new and shining and the processes are automated to ensure equal parts of protective coating. There are three types of coatings used at Poh Keong, acid-cured lacquer, nitrocellulose paint, and PU or also known as, polyurethane coating. In fact, these methods are used to increase the durability of timber-made furniture.

    Replacement Parts for Wooden Living Room Coffee Tables

    Broken furniture and missing coffee table legs can be bothersome. Overall, the lifespan of any furniture can be lengthened with the availability of replacement parts. Keeping this in mind, Poh Keong Industries provides spare parts for leg furniture ranging from office chairs to sideboards. In fact, with just a change of cabinet hinges and furniture nuts, modern furnishings can be upcycled to create brand new looks in your home space.

    Living Room Furniture Sustainable Practices

    We are proud to say that as a furniture manufacturer customizing a wide range of living room wooden coffee tables for the US market, sustainable practices are of utmost importance at Poh Keong. In fact, all our products are created using raw materials that have the least amount of negative impact on mother nature. As such, our environmental initiatives include using woods that are renewable and sustainably sourced. Furthermore, to ensure minimal usage of chemicals that may pollute our environment, all engineered wood used at Poh Keong Industries is CARB P2 compliant.


    Quality Assurance of Our Living Room Wooden Coffee Table

    Poh Keong Industries ensures the living room wooden coffee table is succumbed to a few inspections and tests to maintain quality.  In this instance, the living room wooden coffee table is checked for minor and major defects which are then fixed by our 200+ dedicated craftsmen. Overall, quality assurance is a vital component among manufacturers of wooden furniture.

    Drop Test for Alissa Living Room Wooden Coffee Table
    As part of a series of inspections, the drop test is conducted by our QC officers to ensure quality standards are upheld at all times for the North American market. At Poh Keong, the main purpose for subjecting our living room coffee table to the drop test is to assess how well the furniture design and architecture will hold when facing an external force. In fact, the drop test allows us to make necessary modifications based on the results collected by our quality control officers.
    During Production Inspection of Living Room Coffee Tables
    Another key component in ensuring product quality is the inspections carried out during the production of the living room coffee table. This critical step ensures that the end result of the wooden furniture is created with optimal quality control. At Poh Keong, we make it a point to focus on the end product of our products but strive to implement stringent practices in the production line as well. Based on inspection reports, all living room wooden furnishings are thoroughly addressed and modified to cater to clients' requirements.
    Living Room Coffee Table Pre-Shipment Inspection
    The wooden coffee table is not just about adding a stylish element to the living room space. Oftentimes wooden furniture is chosen for its durability and long-lasting attributes. As such, the pre-shipment inspection plays an important role when importing wooden furnishings to the United States. In the inspection process, the living room wooden coffee table is checked for any defects whether small or big. Overall, bulk orders of wooden living room coffee tables are individually checked for any visual defects by our quality control officers.  
    Shipment of Timber Living Room Coffee Tables
    Poh Keong Industries focuses on manufacturing wooden furnishings for business to business ventures. As such shipments of the living room wooden coffee tables packed and sealed carefully in corrugated boxes. At which point all shipments are shipped from our domestic port in Malaysia.
    Packaging of Living Room Wooden Coffee Table
    Overall, furniture can be bulky and large, or fragile and susceptible to damages while shipping. As such, great lengths are taken to ensure all Poh Keong wood furniture is shipped to the U.S. in the best of conditions. In fact, the living room coffee tables are flat packed and sealed in corrugated boxes padded with bubble wrap. Since all our wooden furnishings are imported to the United States, great effort is taken to maintain quality in packaging materials. 
    Container Types for Shipping Living Room Furniture
    In an effort to implement the best packaging design, all living room wooden coffee tables are packed in flat-pack corrugated boxes. With a minimum order quantity capped at 50 pieces of tables and 300 pieces of tables, all products are shipped in a 20 feet or a 40 feet container based on the bulk order.


    How to style a coffee table?
    If you're looking to make your coffee table a focal point, it is best to consider the overall layout of the living space. For example, you may want to design your wooden coffee table with drawers and selves if storage space is what you're looking for. However, if you're hoping for a more minimalistic design, mid century modern style coffee table may just be a better choice. In fact, whatever styles you have in mind can be recreated with Poh Keong's OEM and ODM services.
    How to remove coffee stains from wooden coffee table?
    If you've ever placed your coffee mug on the living room table and had it stain the wood, then this little tip is sure to rid you of your worries. First, you'll need to prepare the following items: a piece of clean cloth, tooth paste and baking soda. Next, in a bowl, add a small amount of toothpaste and baking soda. Once combined, apply the solution with a clean cloth on to the stained surface in small circular motions. Allow to sit for a couple of minutes before wiping of the solution from your wooden coffee table. And that's all there is to it. 
    How to choose a coffee table for the living room?
    Available in a variety of sizes and shapes, propping your wooden coffee table can be a rather overwhelming task for many. Here's a few ideas on how to choose the right coffee table for your family room. If you're working with limited leg room than consider opting for a square or round coffee table. They seem more conventional, but these varieties of wooden coffee table will save space and prevent you from stubbing your toes. Meanwhile, a spacious living room area can be styled with rectangular or oval wooden coffee tables. 

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