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Alissa Oak Veneer Sideboard - Natural Color

  • Color: Natural 10%
  • Loadability: 1 piece / carton
  • M3: 0.5063 / sideboard

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    Specification Of Alissa Oak Veneer Sideboard - Natural Color

    Size (inches): 59.06″ length x 16.54″ width x 31.50″ height
    Size (mm): 1500mm length x 420mm width x 800mm height
    Top (inches): 0.71″ MDF with Oak Veneer
    Top (mm): 18mm MDF with Oak Veneer
    M3: 0.5063
    Packing: 1 PC / CTN
    ED (inches): 61.06″ length x 18.54″ width x 27.28″ height
    ED (mm): 1551mm length x 471mm width x 693mm height
    Material: MDF + Rubberwood
    Remark: Set Up

    Alissa Oak Veneer Sideboard - Natural Color

    Whether a sideboard or a buffet, there is no particular categorization for the popular kitchen cabinet. Also known as a credenza or a server, the multifunctional piece can be placed anywhere around the house. Part of the Alissa series, this Oak Veneer Sideboard is a versatile piece of furniture that will look great in the part of your home. Often propped in the kitchen for added storage, the modest oak veneer sideboard is sure to come in handy in any home space, small or big. 

    Commonly made with wood, the sideboard is a wonderful piece of furniture that looks amazing paired with gold fixtures or painted accent walls. In fact, if you’re opting for a mid-century modern style or a more rustic farmhouse, Poh Keong can create a multitude of designs with our state-of-the-art OEM and ODM services. Sometimes overlooked, the sideboard was first created as a piece of furniture to be propped in any American dining room. And solely used to store china plates, serving dishes, or wine glasses. Today, however, the versatility of this storage cabinet has spread to different parts of the home.

    Indoor Oak Veneer Sideboard

    Extremely functional, the oak veneer sideboard can be placed indoors or outdoors depending on which part of the house needs extra storage space. In the living room, the sideboard can be placed against a wall beneath a mirror to be used as a console table or a place to display decorative items. Meanwhile, in the dining room, the oak veneer sideboard is great for storing napkins and wine bottles. A wonderful addition to any kitchen, the oak veneer sideboard is great for displaying your wedding china. Outdoors, the sideboard can be used to store shoes or gardening supplies. The versatility of the oak veneer sideboard beats any other storage furniture.

    Dimensions of the Oak Veneer Sideboard

    With the dimensions of  59.06 inches in length, 16.54 inches in width, and 31.50 inches in height (1500 mm in length x 420 mm in width x 800 mm in height), the oak veneer sideboard can be built to any specifications you have in mind with Poh Keong Industries OEM and ODM services. Placed against a wall or behind a sofa the storage capacity of the oak veneer sideboard makes it a highly desirable piece of furniture in the B2B industry. 

    OEM and ODM Services of Sideboard Cabinets

    With a wide variety of styles of sideboard cabinets ranging from contemporary to modern for the U.S. furniture market, this oak veneer sideboard can be easily modified with Poh Keong’s OEM and ODM services. This means that bulk orders of this kitchen sideboard will be custom-made with your needs and demands. With the option of adding drawers and different materials and designs, the oak veneer sideboard can add a fresh look to a living room or kitchen space. Now, that’s just a wonderful amenity for a company manufacturing wooden furniture!

    Sideboard Buffet Manufacturing Processes

    As a manufacturer of timber furnishings, the steady flow of manufacturing processes is a key component. As such, the design, functionality, and dimensions of the oak veneer sideboard are not taken lightly. In fact, all wooden furniture is created in our state-of-the-art production facility. 

    Fabric Choice for Oak Veneer Sideboard

    Make the most of your oak veneer sideboard by pairing quality upholstered furniture. For instance, if you’re planning to place the Alissa sideboard in the dining room, always consider the other timber furnishings that will be propped alongside the oak veneer sideboard. The last thing you want is clashing designs and styles in a room that you will use to entertain guests. In fact, with our ODM services, design styles and ideas can be customized to match any fabric choice you have in mind. 

    Oak Veneer Sideboard Wood Types

    There’s just something so exotic about placing wooden furniture in a living space. Made from MDF and oak wood, this Alissa oak veneer sideboard just may be the perfect storage cabinet you need to make your kitchen more stylish. Essentially, MDF or medium-density fiberboard is an engineered form of wood used in manufacturing timber furnishings due to its eco-friendly attributes. Oftentimes wood veneers from oak or beech trees are used in manufacturing buffet sideboards to increase the furniture’s durability. At Poh Keong, we offer business-to-business ventures the option of choosing from three different types of wood; oak wood, beech wood, and rubber wood. 

    Oak Veneer Sideboard Price Quotations

    When purchasing wooden furniture such as sideboards, people often overlook the quality in hopes to buy a product that is reasonably priced. However, by doing so, you may be putting your business at a disadvantage. As such, when designing your home or place of business, Poh Keong Industries price quotes just may be the best fit for you. Upon confirmation of your design ideas, a computer-generated invoice will be sent to you. At which point, Poh Keong will begin production of your order.

    Oak Veneer Sideboard Material Collection

    The first step in manufacturing the oak veneer sideboard is the collection of wooden material. Essentially, upon receiving raw materials in the factory, lumber is sorted by color, grade, and variety. At this point, wood logs are dried out before going on to the cutting process.

    Cutting Oak Wood for Sideboard Production

    Once collected, all wood materials are processed for cutting. Here, woods such as oak and beech wood are cut into thin slices or veneer to be used for table or cabinet tops. Meanwhile, rubber wood and MDF are processed into panels that will be later used to construct the oak veneer sideboard.

    Sanding of Wood for Sideboards

    A necessary step, the sanding down of wood is usually conducted before constructing the oak veneer sideboard. In this case, the wood or oak veneer is sanded down using grit sandpaper to remove marks or scratches that may be a hindrance while applying the protective coating or painting. 

    Drilling Wood Panels of Sideboards

    The drilling steps of wooden panels may just be one of the most crucial elements in Poh Keong’s manufacturing processes. In fact, it is in this step that wood joints such as sideboard furniture legs and cabinet doors are put together to complete the Alissa series oak veneer sideboard. Overall, with our top-notch OEM services, design ideas can be tweaked to cater to cafes, restaurants, and hotels in the United States.

    Painting of Oak Veneer Sideboards

    When working with wood, very rarely do you find people opting to paint their furniture. In fact, many of us would rather have the beautifully intricate patterns of natural wood highlighted. However, don’t limit your creativity. As a company focused on providing top quality to our clients, Poh Keong can also paint your wooden furniture to suit accent walls or simply to brighten up a small corner. Although most may not be inclined to paint wooden furniture, you’ll be surprised to see how a painted sideboard can transform your kitchen space. 

    Protective Coating of Sideboards

    Wood finishing is used to protect raw wood from being damaged. As such, Poh Keong Industries uses polyurethane, acid lacquer, and nitrocellulose coating to ensure that all wooden furniture. These are all clear coats that when applied onto furnishings create a thick layer of protection that almost looks like plastic.  

    Oak Veneer Sideboard Replacement Parts

    Commonly built with legs, this oak veneer sideboard can be easily restored with Poh Keong’s availability of replacement parts. We all know that wooden furniture can be susceptible to breakage after long periods of usage. As such, the convenience of having a manufacturer that provides spare parts for table legs, chair arms, or even cabinet accessories makes Poh Keong a giant in the furniture industry.

    Sustainable Practices of the Oak Veneer Sideboard

    We all know that wood in general is a more sustainable material because it can be upcycled more than once and recycled when not in use. A company aiming to create an environmentally friendly lifestyle for the next generation, using materials such as MDF is a more sustainable means of creating wooden furniture. Understanding this, most of the furnishings created in Poh Keong’s production facilities are made with MDF. As a matter of fact, the Alissa oak veneer sideboard is made with a combination of MDF and oak wood for the best green practices.


    Oak Veneer Sideboard Quality Assurance

    Poh Keong Industries takes great pride in maintaining top-notch quality at all times. Therefore, furniture inspection is not taken lightly in our factory. In fact, as a company manufacturing wooden furniture for the North American market, our quality control officers ensure that the inspection checklist is not taken lightly. 

    Sideboard Package Drop Testing
    Once packaging of the oak veneer sideboard is completed, the kitchen cabinet is subjected to a drop test. Here, packaging materials are inspected for defects by exposing the product to outer forces. This is primarily done to ensure that the sideboard is packaged well and will not be prone to damage whilst being delivered to the United States.
    During Production Inspection of Oak Veneer Sideboards
    Similar to all wood furnishings created at Poh Keong, an inspection is conducted on oak veneer sideboards during production too. In fact, since its inception more than a decade ago, Poh Keong takes great honor in maintaining quality in our household furnishings. As such, quality control officers conduct visual inspections of any defects or damages that may be pop-up during production.
    Oak Veneer Buffets Pre-Shipment Inspection
    Fundamentally, the pre-shipment inspection was implemented for quality assurance of all wooden furniture for export to the Americas. In this phase, a second inspection is conducted by our QC officers to identify possible defects that may have been incurred post-production. Once the oak veneer sideboard passes the inspection checklist, products are then securely packaged before being exported.
    Oak Veneer Sideboard Shipment to USA
    Upon completion of the drop test, all shipments of the oak veneer sideboard are loaded onto a 20 foot container. All freight transport of the oak veneer sideboard departs from the Pasir Gudang or the Tanjung Pelepas port located in Johor, Malaysia.
    Packaging of Oak Veneer Sideboards
    As a popular manufacturer of wooden furniture, each piece of buffet sideboard is securely packaged with bubble wrap and placed into cartons. In fact, for the best packaging solutions, all oak veneer sideboards are loaded into cardboard carton boxes before shipping to the U.S.A.
    Container Types for Shipping Sideboards
    With a minimum quantity order capped at 50 tables and 300 chairs, the oak veneer sideboard can be purchased with a minimum order of 79 sets. Upon which, each piece of oak veneer sideboard is securely packaged in a cardboard carton. As a furniture industry shipping to the United States, all sideboards are loaded onto a 20 foot cargo container for export.


    How to paint a wooden sideboard?
    To paint your wooden sideboard, you'll first need to sand down your timber furniture to remove any residues of polish or coating. Once this is completed you will be able to paint the sideboard and shade of color you want. However, keep in mind the overall design of the room when painting as certain colors may clash with the style you may going for. When painting, it's best to use a milk paint as it does not need any primer before application. In fact, you can also use chalk paint if you don't wish to sand down your wooden kitchen furniture.
    How to set up a buffet table?
    The buffet table or also known as a sideboard is often used to serve food. Depending on the type of event you're hosting, you want to first decide on the type of serving dishes you will using. For a more formal dining, go ahead and choose a more elegant dinnerware such as china plates. However, if you're heading for a more carefree and playful look, you may want to choose dinner plates that have vibrant colors or patterns. As such, when setting up your buffet table you want to place the serving dishes first, then the dishes and sides and finally napkins and cutlery. 
    How to style buffet tables?
    Now the buffet table or buffet cabinet can be styled in many ways depending on the occasion. In fact, it's a great way to showcase seasonal decorations such as Christmas and Thanksgiving. If you're working with a compact room space, consider placing a mirror over the sideboard. And if space is not an issue, then why not place a beautiful painting or artwork with lighting. This will make a wonderful focal point for your dining room or kitchen space.

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