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Alissa Extendable Dining Set Furniture - Walnut Color

  • Top-color: Walnut 11116
  • Loadability (1+6) / Set
  • Base-color: Walnut 11065
  • M3: 0.8148 / Set

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    Specification Of Alissa Extendable Dining Set Furniture - Walnut Color

    Alissa Extendable Table 
    Size (inches): (62.99+19.69)″ length x 35.43″ width x 29.53″ height
    Size (mm): (1600+500)mm length x 900mm width x 750mm height
    Top (inches): 0.71″ MDF with Walnut Veneer
    Top (mm): 18mm MDF with Walnut Veneer
    Apron (inches): 2.56″
    Apron (mm): 65mm
    Leg (inches): 1.57″ x 3.54″
    Leg (mm): 40mm x 90mm
    M3: 0.201
    Packing: 1PC / CTN
    ED (inches): 65.12″ length x 37.09″ width x 5.08″ height
    ED (mm): 1654mm length x 942mm width x 129mm height
    Material: MDF + Rubberwood

    Alissa Chair
    Size (inches): 20.87″ width x 21.65″ depth x 31.89″ height
    Size (mm): 530mm width x 550mm depth x 810mm height
    Upholstery: Colorland – Silver Black (Sunmat)
    M3: 0.2046
    Packing: 2PCS / CTN
    ED (inches): 26.14″ length x 23.46″ width x 20.35″ height
    ED (mm): 664mm length x 596mm width x 517mm height
    Material: Rubberwood

    Alissa Extendable Wooden Dining Set Furniture - Walnut Color

    Although the history of dining room furniture dates back to the Greek and Roman civilization. Today, in the U.S., the humble dining table has become a place to gather with family and friends. Modern furniture often comprises minimalist designs that can be paired with rustic and vintage décor fixtures. As such, if you’re working with small spaces such as an apartment or a townhouse, you can always opt for a round dining table or an expandable one. 

    Come to think of it, there are many benefits to having extendable wooden dining set furniture. It is a piece of space-saving furniture that can be used for a more intimate dining setting or expanded to cater to a larger group of guests. In fact, why not make the best of your space with our Alissa Extendable Wooden Dining Set Furniture? Made with a combination of MDF and rubber wood, the natural hues of our dining set furniture are perfect against a cream-painted dining room. As a manufacturer of timber furnishings, Poh Keong strives to create different styles, shapes, and sizes of dining set furniture. 

    Indoor Dining Set Furniture

    Go ahead and add value and quality to your dining room area with our Alissa Wooden Dining Set Furniture. In fact, this modern dining table can be used as a breakfast nook in the kitchen area, or enjoy communal dining by pairing the wooden dining table with benches instead of chairs. Commonly used indoors in many American homes, this wooden dining set furniture can be placed outdoors too. With just a few design tips you can turn your outdoor space into an oasis with our wooden dining set. 

    Wooden Dining Set Furniture Dimensions

    Once attached with the extendable leaf (19.69 inches), the wooden dining set furniture can sit an additional two-seaters. In fact, part of the Alissa collection, this wooden dining set can seat up to 6 people with ease. This space-saving dining table comes with a length of 47.24 inches, a width of 23.62 inches, and a height of 17.72 inches. Meanwhile, the dining chairs have dimensions of 20.87 inches in width, 21.65 inches in depth, and 31.89 inches in height. However, with Poh Keong’s OEM and ODM services this extendable wooden dining set furniture can be modified and customized according to your requirements. 

    Personalized Customization of Dining Set Furniture

    When opting for a wooden dining set furniture it’s great to have the option of custom-making your own. With this in mind, Poh Keong offers OEM and ODM services for business-to-business ventures. In fact, we love that this wooden dining set furniture can be curated according to your requirements. So whether it’s a round or a square dining set furniture you’re looking for, Poh Keong Industries’ team of dedicated woodworking carpenters can design your timber furnishing to fit all your B2B needs.

    Manufacturing Processes of Wooden Dining Set Furniture

    Overall, the design and functionalism of the extendable wooden dining set furniture is a key component in the manufacturing processes. As such, great importance is given to the general flow diagram of the production of dining room furniture. In fact, steps such as cutting and sanding down wooden materials, drilling wood panels, painting and spraying wooden furniture, and finally a coating of protective finish are conducted in top-notch conditions with our carpentry machines for the North American market.

    Fabric Choice for Wooden Dining Set Furniture

    The upholstery used in this wooden dining chair is silver black (sunmat), which has a grayish tinge. In fact, all fabrics used in our collection of upholstered dining chairs are hypoallergenic. Overall, materials that are considered hypoallergenic do not contain any form of chemical or pollutants. This means all fabric choices offered by Poh Keong Industries are skin friendly. Just remember that if your wooden dining set furniture is going to be placed outside on the patio, the material used needs to be compatible with outside elements. 

    Alissa Dining Set Furniture Wood Types

    Available in 3 different types of wood, this wooden dining set furniture can be custom-made with either oak wood, rubber wood, or beech wood. In fact, if you’re opting for a more natural look then the oak wood has elegant linear patterns that will suit any dining room. On the other hand, rubberwood is one of the best durable woods used to create wooden dining furniture. Meanwhile, many opt for beech wood because of its odorless features. So if you’re looking for a wood that doesn’t resonate with that woody smell, beechwood just may be the right choice for you.

    Wooden Dining Set Furniture Price Quote

    Most may be inclined to purchase dining set furniture that is reasonably priced. However, in doing so you just might be depriving your dining space of quality furniture. In fact, wooden dining set furniture can be a great investment for many businesses. Likewise, when you consider the benefits of purchasing an extendable dining set furniture, it is no wonder that many homes opt for our wooden dining set furnishings. As such, price quotes at Poh Keong Industries are invoiced upon confirmation of your dining set designs. Once this is finalized, construction of your wooden dining set furniture will commence.

    Alissa Dining Set Furniture Material Collection

    Essentially, the Alissa Dining Set Furniture is made with MDF and rubber wood. As such, when collecting rubber wood for production, all raw materials are sorted by our machines based on size, shade, and grade. They are then dried to remove any remaining moisture that may cause the growth of mold.

    Cutting Of Wood To Appropriate Sizing of Dining Set Furniture

    Once the sorting of raw materials is accomplished, timber logs are then run through the cutting process. At which point, CNC (computer numerical control) machines, a type of cutting tool, are utilized to saw down lumber to appropriate dimensions to make our signature wooden dining set furniture. Furthermore, engineered wood such as MDF and particle board can easily be sliced with a regular circular saw. Overall, MDF wood is very consistent and doesn’t have splinters. In fact, once sawed, cut edges look clean and smooth.

    Sanding Down of Wood for Production

    Once cut, the wood panels are sanded down with grit sandpaper to reduce and remove rough edges. This is done primarily for timber furnishings for the purpose of painting or varnishing. In fact, this method can be utilized to fix your damaged painted furniture too.

    Spraying and Painting of Dining Sets

    Once the drilling process of the wooden dining set furniture is complete, the dining tables and chairs are sprayed with a coat of paint. In fact, by adding a pop of color to your wooden dining set, you can transform your dining space. With our OEM services, why not opt to use milk paint as it gives off an intense depth of color with a low luster that is perfect for dining room space? And since medium density fiberboard is very smooth to the touch it makes it perfect for painting. If painted furniture is not what you’re looking for, you can always choose a more natural look with just a wood stain finish. With just a few tips even mismatched chairs can be painted to suit your wooden dining set furniture.

    Wooden Dining Set Furniture Protective Coating

    Polyurethane finish helps protect wooden furniture from damage that may be caused by outer elements. Oftentimes available in water-based or oil-based, polyurethane finish is highly durable. It forms a plastic-like solid layer on the dining set furniture which prevents scratches and spills from harming your timber furnishings. Suitable for indoor furniture, the acid-cured lacquer is a high-quality lacquer that is used to protect the Alissa Extendable Wooden Dining Set Furniture. It’s perfect on any wood type and invokes a rich hue on natural woods such as oak wood, rubber wood, and beech wood. 

    Spare Parts Availability for Wooden Dining Set Furniture

    Replacement parts for the wooden dining set furniture are available upon inquiry. However, there will be a small charge for any requests for replacement parts to ship to the United States. So you’ll never have to worry about badly damaged wooden furniture again. Poh Keong Industries’ brilliant woodworking designers ensure that your wooden dining set furniture will survive the test of time with available spare parts.

    Wooden Dining Set Furniture Sustainable Practices

    Made with sustainably sourced wood such as rubber wood, the wooden dining set furniture is an eco-friendly home furnishing that can be propped indoors or outdoors. In fact, as a company that values a green lifestyle, all medium-density fiberboard used in the manufacturing of wooden furniture incorporates environmentally friendly practices. For instance, MDF is made by compacting wood shavings and sawdust that may otherwise be discarded in other carpentry industries.


    Dining Set Wooden Furniture Quality Assurance

    A considerable honor for Poh Keong Industries, our QC officers takes great measures in ensuring top-notch quality is upheld in the production of all wooden dining set furniture. When it comes to quality assurance, the durability of solid wood speaks volumes about how long a piece of furniture may last. As such, great lengths are taken to ensure product quality. In fact, this is the perfect wooden dining set furniture if you’re looking for strong sturdy with a modern style.

    Drop Testing Wooden Dining Set Furniture
    The drop test was first conducted in our facilities to evaluate how well the product will hold up once exposed to outer forces. In fact, the implementation of the drop test is solely to ensure that the dining set furniture is securely packaged and will not be easily damaged when shipping to the United States. Once exposed to falls and tumbles, the extendable wooden dining room set furniture is evaluated for damages that may arise during shipping and delivery.
    During Production Inspections of Wooden Dining Sets
    In order to maintain quality, all wooden dining set furniture is subject to a series of durability tests before being exported to North America. In fact, at Poh Keong Industries, quality control is maintained at all times during production inspections. Part of the manufacturing process flow chart, during production inspection is a crucial component of the Poh Keong furniture industry. It helps our quality control inspectors determine the quality of all our manufactured wooden products including the wooden dining set furniture.
    Pre-Shipment Inspection of Dining Set Furniture
    As part of our quality control checklist, the wooden dining set furniture is put through an inspection before shipping to the U.S. to ensure that products exported from our port do not contain any defects. In fact, this helps to maintain quality at all times without having to deal with the possibility of paying for defective furniture products.
    Shipment Of Wooden Dining Set to North America
    All shipments of the Alissa wooden dining set furniture departs from our local Malaysian port located in Pasir Gudang, Johor. As a wooden furniture manufacturer exporting to North America, Poh Keong takes great pride in ensuring that all shipments of our wooden dining set furniture arrive at your doorstep in topnotch condition. 
    Packaging of Wooden Dining Set Furniture
    For shipping purposes, all Alissa wooden dining set furniture is packaged in corrugated cardboard boxes. And for secure shipping to the United States, each dining table is bubble wrapped in individual cartons. Meanwhile, dining chairs are packed in twos in each carton.
    Container Types for Shipping Wooden Dining Set Furniture
    An established company that manufactures wooden furniture across international waters to the Land of Liberty, all our furniture products are securely packaged and shipped in 20ft or 40ft containers depending on the dimensions of bulk orders. As such, there is a minimum quantity order of 300 pieces of dining chairs and 50 pieces of dining tables for all purchases of dining room products.


    How to set dining room table?
    Setting up your dining table may seem like a daunting idea to most of us. Well we have the best and simplest way to make your dining table ready for guests. First, layout a tablecloth or table mats depending on the number of guests coming over for dinner. Next, place the serving plate in the middle of each table mat with a napkin atop. Once done, place the fork on the left on the serving platter and the knife on the right. Finally, set the drinking glass above the knife and that's there is to it.
    Which wood is the best for dining tables?
    Depending on your preferences the wood types used to create your dining table may vary. For a more natural look, go ahead and opt for oak wood or beech wood. However, if you're looking for a wood type that is more durable, than woods such as rubber wood may be a perfect fit for you. Whichever it is, wood types can be easily customized with Poh Keong Industries wood selection.
    Are wooden dining tables the most durable?
    Overall, wooden furniture is a more durable choice compared to other materials like plastic or rattan. So choosing a wooden dining table for your dining room space is a perfect choice, as wood is known to stand the test of time.

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